Enjoy Cousin Camp

Guys, summer is not over!  There’s still time to get all your kids and their cousins together for Cousin Camp 2014!

Every year, we get together and have a 3 day extravaganza with our family (most the activities are for the kids) and it is an absolute blast!

We always order shirts for everyone and the past few years we’ve been designing our own.  This year is our best yet…the theme is “Enjoy Cousin Camp.”
We have our design in our Etsy shop you can buy for $15.  (just the design..not an actual shirt)  You can get to our shop here.

Here’s a schedule we made up for our 3 day event…you can use our ideas if you want or you can do whatever you want!
We started out by going to a movie at the Centerville Megaplex for one of their summer movies.  They also have free kids movies at Kaysville theater a few times during the summer. 
Don’t they look so cute with their matching shirts?

If your movie is cheap, you can spend big on the popcorn and Coke.  Especially wearing a Coke shirt.

The next day everyone went to Cherry Hill (it’s cheaper after 4…and even cheaper after 6:30) and we had a blast!  If you go during the week and at night, it’s not too busy.

We also went to the Tracy Aviary…if you’re into birds, you should go check it out.  If it’s 100 degrees outside and you’ve got a bunch of kids, we might suggest skipping this event.

The outing that was the most fun was by far Get Air.  If you’ve ever been there to watch your kids jump around, loosen up, get out there and jump yourself!  You won’t regret it.

Along with these events, we spent a lot of time hanging out playing in the water in the backyard and just hanging out in these awesome shirts.  

Now go start planning for Cousin Camp!  Tag us on Instagram @sugarsistersdesign with your ideas and outings!



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