Cowboy Grub Table Setting

If any of you are like us, you are always looking for ways to easily come up with something cute for a dinner or get together.  For us Utahn’s, we have the 24th of July coming up which is a perfect excuse to make this adorable place setting for your family or friends.  
I’m sure we could all go out and buy some darling stuff to set our table, but we’re all about taking household items and easily turning them into something cute.

To start out with, we gathered the most beat up pie tins we could find (I know you all have some).  We then took paper lunch bags and cut the top off to make it look like this!
Then take some string (we used jute…you can use bakers twine, or really, whatever you can find laying around) and tie it around the bag after you put a napkin and some utensils in there.  Can you get any easier?  I don’t think so.

 Now for the food.  

Go grab a scrap of fabric that would look cute with a cowboy theme, place it in a basket and fill it with rolls.

We found this cute glass pitcher laying around, and filled it with about 6 individual packets of Crystal Light.  Then for glasses we used Mason jars.  What else?

As for the main course, we found a great recipe for tin foil dinners here and it turned out super yummy!  We used our pie tins as plates and it made for a super easy clean up.  

Now go start digging in your cabinets for those pie tins, search your house for some rustic decorations (notice the table runner and rooster napkin holder) and invite some family and friends over for some cowboy grub!  Yee haw!


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